The Network Calculus Book

The Network Calculus book by Jean-Yves Le Boudec and Patrick Thiran is available for free download:

Have a look at the Table of Contents. The book is also available as Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes on Computer Science number 2050. We are very grateful to Springer-Verlag for this generous arrangement.

Table of Contents - Network Calculus Book

Part I A First Course in Network Calculus

1 Network Calculus
1.1 Models for Data Flows
1.2 Arrival Curves
1.3 Service Curves
1.4 Network Calculus Basics
1.5 Greedy Shapers
1.6 Maximum Service Curve, Variable and Fixed Delay
1.7 Handling Variable Length Packets
1.8 Lossless Effective Bandwidth and Equivalent Capacity
1.9 Proof of Theorem\nobreakspace {
1.10 Bibliographic Notes
1.11 Exercises

2 Application of Network Calculus to the Internet
2.1 GPS and Guaranteed Rate Schedulers
2.2 The Integrated Services Model of the IETF
2.3 Schedulability
2.4 Application to Differentiated Services
2.5 Exercises

Part II Mathematical Background

3 Basic Min-plus and Max-plus Calculus
3.1 Min-Plus Calculus
3.2 Max-Plus Calculus
3.3 Exercises

4 Min-plus and Max-Plus System Theory
4.1 Min-Plus and Max-Plus Operators
4.2 Closure of an Operator
4.3 Fixed Point Equation (Space Method)
4.4 Fixed Point Equation (Time Method)
4.5 Conclusion

Part III A Second Course in Network Calculus

5 Optimal Multimedia Smoothing
5.1 Problem Setting
5.2 Constraints Imposed by Lossless Smoothing
5.3 Minimal Requirements on Delays and Playback Buffer
5.4 Optimal Smoothing Strategies
5.5 Optimal Constant Rate Smoothing
5.6 Optimal Smoothing versus Greedy Shaping
5.7 Comparison with Delay Equalization
5.8 Lossless Smoothing over Two Networks
5.9 Bibliographic Notes

6 FIFO Systems and Aggregate Scheduling
6.1 Introduction
6.2 General Bounds for Aggregate Scheduling
6.3 Stability of a Network with Aggregate Scheduling
6.4 Bounds for a FIFO Service Curve Element
6.5 Bounds for a Network of FIFO CBR Servers
6.6 Bibliographic Notes
6.7 Exercises

7 Adaptive and Packet Scale Rate Guarantees
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Adaptive Guarantee
7.3 Application to the Internet: Packet Scale Rate Guarantee
7.4 Bibliographic Notes
7.5 Exercises

8 Time Varying Shapers
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Time Varying Shapers
8.3 Time Invariant Shaper with Non-zero Initial Conditions
8.4 Time Varying Leaky-Bucket Shaper
8.5 Bibliographic Notes

9 Systems with Losses
9.1 A Representation Formula for Losses
9.2 Application 1: Bound on Loss Rate
9.3 Application 2: Bound on Losses in Complex Systems
9.4 Solution to Skohorkhod's Reflection Problem with Two Boundaries
9.5 Bibliographic Notes



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