General Nachos Documentation


Frequently Asked Questions


Known Bug List

Thomas Narten's Nachos Roadmap

Overview paper

A Quick Introduction to C++

Alternate Nachos assignments (for Nachos 4.0)


nachos-4.0.tar Note: nachos-4.0 does not have compelling advantages relative to nachos-3.4 for most users. See README-4.0 in the tar file for the complete skinny. It is also in beta-test -- ports in particular have not been completely tested beyond Alphas and HPs.





Macintosh port (unverified)

Port to run native on a 486

Patches to Nachos 4.*

DOS/Borland patch Modifications to the first assignment only. Note that later assignments are designed to be more easily portable.

Patches to Nachos 3.*

gcc 2.6 patch

linux patch Need linux kernel 1.4 or later; some patched versions of linux kernel 1.3 may work

Solaris patch

HPUX patch

Alpha patch instructions and data

(older) alpha patch

RS/6000 patch

General Class Information

Sample Course Handouts for an Undergrad OS Class (see my home page for a pointer to these translated into Spanish!)

Andrew Birrell, "An Introduction to Programming with Threads", SRC Report #35